I am so grateful to all the teachers, students and parents I have had the pleasure of meeting these past 33 years. Thank you for inviting me into your schools. It's been an honor. I have many future plans but I have decided that the 2015-16 school year will be my last year of school presentations. I will miss you all.


For more than 30 years Michael has been an educator at schools, museums, camps and nature centers, since earning his M.S. in marine biology.

During the past several years Michael has been invited to more than 200 schools in New England. At many schools, his presentation has become a regular part of the curriculum, with return visits year after year.

He would love to spend a day or more at YOUR school!

Live Ocean Animals are a highlight of every program. Michael's knowledgeable yet entertaining presentation really grabs the attention of the students. The crabs they touch, the starfish they hold, the snails they examine all inspire curiosity and excitement for learning. Long after the presentation is over and Michael is gone, the students still want to read and write about the animals.

  Since the students are so eager to see and touch the animals, the program is designed for small classroom-sized groups. We can schedule up to 6 presentations in one day, and Michael will often visit a school for several days.

The students really get a lot out of these small, friendly, "workshop" presentations!

Larger groups, up to 100 children, can be accommodated, but special arrangements need to be made if the children are to get an opportunity to touch the animals after the presentation is over.


Original Manuscripts & Artwork from Mike's books help students understand the work involved in the writing and publishing process, from handwritten manuscripts to finished books. Early drafts and later changes will help your students see the necessity of rewriting and editing.

Mike's program is adaptable to any grade level from preschool to 6th grade. In general, an equal amount of time is devoted to both writing and ocean animals, but the emphasis will depend on the wishes and needs of the classroom teachers. At the youngest grade levels, classes have a great time imitating barnacles, touching the sea life and adding their own ideas to a "new" story about the animals. As the grades advance, the classes get a bit more serious about writing and science, but always with a good amount of humor and fun.





During the past 15 years, Michael has spoken with more than 200,000 children and teachers about writing, publishing and marine science. Here are a few comments from letters:

"...Your knowledge of marine biology is obvious, but your ability to make it come alive for young children is truly a gift. You gave them so much information in a fun-filled way! Your humor and your manner with children are important and much appreciated ..."

"...Your ability to relate and adapt the presentation to each grade level is most impressive..."

"...The children and teachers thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and it was a great asset to the school curriculum..."




"...The PTO thanks you wholeheartedly for such a special experience for our children. It's been said that your program was the best ever presented at the school and the effect on the children was incredibly positive!  Thank you again! ..."

"You certainly captivated both children and parents alike and, I can assure you, the kids don't sit still for too many people!

The enthusiasm with which you delivered your story about ocean creatures and writing was great, and your winning ways with all ages really added all that much more to your presentation. I was very pleased with the evening."



To reserve a date or for more information, please call Michael at (508) 347-2039, or send an email message to seashorescience1@gmail.com .  

Thank you so much for considering this program and for all your work on behalf of the students.




(A special thanks to the parents and teachers who took these photographs!)

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