Pop-up Fish Card


Here's a project you can have some fun with. Make your own pop-up card, with the face of a fish (a rather silly one!)


I've always enjoyed pop-up books, and lately I've been trying to learn more about how they work. I learned how to make a pop-up mouth from a couple of great websites and I thought you might enjoy making this fish pop-up of mine. Here's how:
1)   Take a piece of paper (about 8 1/2 x 11 inches) and cut it in half, into 2 pieces. You will only need one piece to make the pop-up, but you might want to use the other half for a cover. 

Cardstock or construction paper is better than ordinary paper.

2) Fold the paper in half. 3) Draw a line from the middle of the crease, toward the edge of the paper. Don't go past the middle. Shorter is ok. 4) Cut along the line with scissors.  Fold the paper on the left side of the cut to make a triangle, as in this picture.

5) Make another flap with the right side. 6) Bring both of your triangles back together again, as in the picture. 

7) Now open the card and hold it so it looks like a tent. 8) Push down on the triangles with one hand while you reach under the tent and pinch the folds with the other hand. 
It is a little tricky, you might want a partner to help with this.
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You can find out a lot more about pop-ups at these sites:

Joan Irvine, The "pop-up lady"

Robert Sabuda, paper engineering and pop-ups

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