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We find clams hiding in ocean mud all over the world. Most of them dig under the sand for protection from ocean waves and from predators.

Clams are "filter feeders," trapping very tiny plants and animals that drift in the sea.

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Follow these directions for an easy to make model of a clam:


MATERIALS: For each clam you will need:
One paper plate (not plastic)
one drinking straw, cut into two halves
construction paper - two different colors - about 1/8 sheet of each
scissors, glue and/or tape


1) Start with a paper plate 2) Fold the plate in half. 3) Cut off the "pointy" corners (You can skip this step if you want to).
paper clam 1.jpg (2356 bytes) paper clam 2.jpg (2425 bytes) paper clam 3.jpg (2542 bytes)

4) Cut a rounded shape from a piece of colored construction paper (about 3 by 4 inches).
paper clam 5.jpg (2288 bytes) 5) Cut a triangle from another piece of construction paper, about the same size paper clam 4.jpg (2824 bytes)

6) Glue the triangle to the inside of the clamshell. Make sure it sticks out a little.
paper clam 6.jpg (2743 bytes) This is the clam's foot. The clam uses its foot to dig safely under the sand.
7) Attach the two straws to the clam, across from the foot, and about an inch down from the hinge. craft clam 5.jpg (5083 bytes) These straws are a lot like the siphons (Sy'-funs) of the clam, for drinking the seawater and catching the little bits of food (plankton) drifting around in the sea.
8) Finally, glue the rounded shape onto the middle of the clam, overlapping the straws. craft clam 6.jpg (4823 bytes) This rounded piece is similar to the clam's stomach.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this project, I would love to hear from you.



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